In recent years Ratspace is primarily a rehearsal facility. This includes hourly rehearsals wherein we provide backline and one of the most comprehensive monitor systems in a dedicated rehearsal room in the city; or an empty project room in which a tour can set up their own audio and backline. We are not operating a full service recording studio. Nevertheless a great deal of recording goes on here. For groups or producers operating their own recording equipment Ratspace can supply all of the studio mainframe equipment: K and M stands, Radial DI's, gobos, snakes/looms, backline, etc.. For recording sessions we have an extensive mic list which you can pick from, individually priced or in a package, check the list here.We continue to host demo and album recordings, bed tracking, overdub tracking, and video and film shoots. Contact us for pricing and equipment list.

Here's a few examples old and new:

Bedouin Soundclash, with director Bruce MacDonald,
and cinematographer John Price filmed portions of their
new video Brutal Hearts with Coeur de Pirate at the Ratspace
in August of 2011.

photo credits- Jeremy Chan



A track on Deerhoof's most recent record
was recorded at the Ratspace!
Released January 2011
from Deerhoof VS. Evil the song I Did Crimes For You
was recorded By David Travers-Smith
August 29th, 2009 at the Ratpsace.

Justin Rutledge with producer Hawksley Workman
and his ace band rehearsed and pre-produced his 2011
Juno nominated album
The Early Widows at the Ratspace.


Leela Gilday working with producerJohn Switzer
and engineer Jim English recorded all of the bed tracks for
her 2003 triple Aboriginal Music
Award winning and Juno Nominated album
Spirit World Solid Wood
at the Ratspace.


Canadian indie rock innovators King Cobb Steelie
recorded their last release
Destroy All Codes at the Ratspace

from the Destroy All verdanas:
"Sound Baffle"

Here's a clip of a demo recording by guitarist and composer
Geordie Haley's band the Everytime Band
recorded by Tim Whittley Jan 2nd,2003
at the Ratspace.
"from the Green Suite"
Paul Donat bass
Geordie Haley guitar
Evan Shaw saxophones
Jean Martin drums
Christine Duncan ,vocals

Treble Charger and grammy winning engineer
and producer Matt Hyde (Slayer, Hatebreed, Monster Magnet,
Porno For Pyros), did extensive pre-production for their
2003 Juno nominated album Detox at the Ratspace.

Here's a clip of a demo recording by bassist and composer
Paul Donat's band SAMBIOSIS recorded by Jim English
In 2002 at the Ratspace"the Beat of Brazil"
Paul Donat bass
Geordie Haley guitar
Evan Shaw saxophones
Alan Hetherington drums and percussion
Maninho percussion

Battle of the bands style competition and pilot TV series
From Far and Wide video taped and recorded the last episode
of their 6 episode series at the Ratspace in January 2012




Some of the artists who have recorded
albums/album tracks at the RATSPACE include:

Sean Pinchin
King Cobb Steelie
Leela Gilday
The Skanksters
The Liquidaires
Peter Smith Quartet
Jordan O'Connor
Crestview Trust
Two Thirds Water(now The Dirt Band)


Some artists who have recorded
at the RATSPACE include:

Precious Little
Wide Mouth Mason
Carrie West
Kat Hikkela

Artists who have made
demos/works in progress
or woodshed rehearsal recordings
at the RATSPACE include:

The Tragically Hip
Jane Siberry
David Usher
Treble Charger
Serena Ryder
Justin Rutledge

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