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Ratspace Rehearsal Studio is available for hourly ($30.00/hour) or daily ($240.00/day lock-out) rentals for rehearsal and pre-production. We have one large (900 sq ft.) studio with 2 washrooms. There is currently a 32 (8 stereo) channel Crest monitor desk with 8 x 300 watt monitor mixes (a total of 12 mixes potentially, e.g. for in ears etc.) with EQ, cables, K and M stands, Radial di's etc. and we provide an engineer to set you up with a monitor mix at the beginning of each hourly session. This is a good sounding pro' room with a high ceiling, a flush ground level load-in, wireless internet, warm and comfortable. Pro' backline includes a 5 piece Sonor drum kit (drummers need cymbals, pedal and snare drum), a 300 watt bass rig. Additional audio gear (i.e. IEM's (in-ears)) or specialty backline (e.g. any style or brand of drum kit etc.) can be supplied upon request, ask us for a quote. There is free street parking. Ratspace can also be obtained for longer periods, i.e weekly, monthly, either equipped or as an empty room. Look us up on-line for more info www.ratspace.com

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