• RatsPace has high speed wireless internet,

  • complete privacy

  • a clean comfortable en suite green room with fridge, kettle etc.,

  • two private washrooms,

  • a flush street level load in,

  • 24 hour security monitoring,

  • a telephone landline/fax,

  • The live room is over 750 sq ft with 15 foot ceiling, and acoustically compensated.

  • reverse osmosis filtered drinking water, leave your plastic water bottles at home

  • a convenient downtown location,ideal for rehearsal and pre-tour or pre-recording production.

  • We also have storage space for gear available.

  • We can ship and receive backline from our storage space on your behalf.

  • Crest 32 channel X Rack monitor desk with 12 aux sends
  • 4 x 200 watt, plus 2-4 x100 watt monitor mixes on the floor for a total of 6 wedge mixes
  • mixer can provide 6 stereo in-ear mixes
    and in-ear monitor rigs can be provided,
    in-ear transmitter rack, packs and headsets
    can be provided to spec, ask us about
    prices and possibilities and see relevant
    outboard gear below.
  • Lexicon PCM -80 stereo multi effects processor
  • Ibanez DDR200 digital delay
  • Rane PE15 5 band parametric EQ
  • Roland SDE3000 digital delay
  • Cranesong Trakker single channel discrete class A compressor limiter (recording and longer in-ear or other installs only)
  • TLAudio dual valve stereo preamp compressor (recording only)
  • BSS DPR-404 Quad Compressor/De-Esser (recording and longer in-ear or other installs only)
  • Drawmer DL241 dual auto compressor(recording and longer in-ear or other installs only)
  • Drawmer DS201 dual gate(recording and longer in-ear or other installs only)
  • BSS DPR 901 II dynamic EQ(recording and longer in-ear or other installs only)
Other Equipment:
  • K and M stands, tall, short, boom and straight

  • 4 x "Z Bar" microphone mounts

  • assorted pop screens

  • Radial and Countryman DI's

  • music stands

  • 100 foot 16 channel snake

  • 2 x rolling risers, H: 6", W: 42", L: 80", w/chocks (good 4 keys, guitar rigs, drum kit; allows repeat hourly sessions w/ no strike in-between)

  • one octagonal asymetric portable forlding drum riser, 5 1/2 inches high (great for drum kit, perc.or for floor seated percussion i.e. tabla, small footprint)

  • two mounted 48 inch parabolic dishes for parabolic mic placements and assorted other smaller dimension parabolas
  • 5 piece Sonor drum kit:
    22 inch kick, 12, 13, 16 inch toms,
    a variety of stands and hardware.
    Note: Drummers are asked to bring breakables,
    i.e. kick pedal, cymbals, and snare.
  • Guitar amps:
    ask us what's available
    Marshall 1960A 4 x 12" cab
    Doyle 1 x 12" cab
    Valley Arts 4 x 12" cab
    Music Man RD50 head
    Marshall Mode Four MF350 head, 4 channel 350 watt
    Vintage Gibson 15 watt "Les Paul" combo (recording only)
    Vintage 1970's 30 watt Rock Amplification Petros II (recording only)
    Fender Hotrod Deluxe 1 x 12" combo
    Marshall Series 9000 Guitar tube preamp.
  • Bass:
    Yorkville 100 watt combo
    Peavey Centurion Mark III head, 2 channel 350 watt
    Two Eden 4 x 10", 8 ohm cabinets.
    An 80's 100 Peavey 2 x 15" cabinet
  • Keyboards
    Yorkville 100 watt powered monitor/keyboard amp
    Kurzweil PC88 88 key, weighted
    assorted Ultimate and Quick-lok keybaord stands

  • Available for rehearsals, the regular mic kit:  
    10 x Shure SM58's
    3 x Shure SM57's
    2 x Apex 320 large diaprhragm condensers (room mics for room recording; overheads for in-ear package etc.)
  • Additional mics in-ear set-up; live mics(as a package):
    1 x Shure Beta 52A
    3 x Audix D4
    2 x Audix D2
    2 x Shure Beta 58A
    2 x Beta 87C
    3 x Sennheiser E906
  • Additional mics for recording only, (per piece basis):
    2 x Shure SM91
    1 x AKG D112
    2 x Audio Technica 3035
    1 x Sennheiser MD421
    3 x Sennheiser MD 409
    4 x Neumann KM184
    1 x AKG SE 300B
    2 x AKG C414B
    2 Audio Technica AE 3000
    2 x Audio Technica AE2500
    2 x Audio Technica 4033
    1 x Sennheiser MD 504
    4 x Shure Beta 98
    2 x Realistic PZM boundary mics

NOTE: All mics are for in-studio use/rental only.
The "B" Studio:
  • One isolated room/booth of 130 sq feet is also available upon request as part of a package rental. Utilize the space to suit the project. Ideal for producers/projects with recording gear who just need to rent space. This room can act as a control room, Iso' booth, or writing/practice studio. See the floor plan.



The Dubbing and Transfer room:
  • more info to come....





Flight Cases for rent:
Got an instrument and no case for a tour, but don't want/need to buy? Check our inventory of rental cases...
  • Keyboard cases:
    more info to come....
  • Protector plastic drum cases:
    more info to come....
  • Amp cases:
    more info to come....
  • Miscellaneous:
    more info to come....

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