Mobirise alternative

hourly rehearsal

$ 30 per hour
  • Fully back-lined hourly rehearsals always include an engineer to get you started with as many as 8 monitor mixes, mics, DI inputs, music and keyboard stands. In-house backine includes a 5 piece Sonor drum kit, min. 300 watt bass rig,  and a variety of guitar amps to choose from.
  • No minimum booking pending staff availablility.

daily rehearsal

$ $240
per day
  • Daily bookings can start as early and end as late as you like within reasonable limits and pending staff avails. 
  • The day rate comes down for multi day bookings.

by the week

$ 1400
per week 

  • Do tour or studio recording pre-production downtown, save on time and transportation, custom backline packages, house backline or rent the room empty. 

Photo and Video 
  • add 40% location fee to regular rate for video  and photo shoots. Audio can be tracked in-house for an additional $25 per hour engineering fee, up to 48 tracks at 96k live off the floor. Record your own video and walk away with Wave files on your drive, or hire us to mix them also.

  • Multitrack recording is sidechained to our monitor system. It is possible to record multi-track audio while recording your own video content. We supply the audio engineer and send you away with 96k wave file stems on your own drive, thumb-drive or DVD. 

  • Podcast Recording.
  • Podcast and voiceover recording can be done for the rehearsal rate if you are recording yourself, plus any set up time we use creating  a custom acoustic environment.

Please note that since 2014 we are at a NEW LOCATION on Dupont St. west of Dufferin. We will forward detailed directions upon booking confirmation.

Ratspace Rehearsal Studio at Dupont and Dufferin in downtown Toronto is available for hourly ($30.00/hour) or daily ( $240.00/day lock-out) rentals for rehearsal and pre-production.

This is a good sounding room with:
High, 14' ceiling.
Flush ground level load-in.
Wireless internet.
Private en suite washrooms.
Filtered water.
Warm, clean and comfortable with complete privacy. 

We have just one large (800 sq ft.) studio with two adjoining private washrooms.

There are two 16 channel Crest Audio X Rack monitor desks bussed together supplying 8 x 300 watt monitor mixes plus an additional 4 aux sends for IEM's etc.., lots of XLR cables, K and M mic stands, Radial di's, single and double keyboard stands, etc..

We provide an engineer to set you up with a monitor mix at the beginning of each hourly session. In-ear monitors can be arranged for an additional fee. 

Pro' backline includes a 5 piece Sonor drum kit (22", ft16", 13", 12") (drummers are encouraged to bring their own cymbals, pedal and snare drum).

House bass rig is a 300 watt Peavey Centurion bass amp, or Tryanor DynaBass 800 and Eden 4x10 cabinets.

There are a selection of guitar amps, ask us what's in stock. Ratspace can also be obtained for longer periods, i.e weekly, monthly, either equipped or as an empty room.  

For emergency contact call Robin 647-705-8605


text Rebecca 647-457-5936.

best regards
Robin and Rebecca


    Toronto Rehearsal
    and Project Studio,
    Pre-production, Auditions
    Record beds in a great space at great prices
    Hourly, daily, monthly rates available.

1278 Dupont St.
Toronto, Ontario
M6H 2A4

Phone: 416-536-4384    
Robin's mobile: 647-705-8605